Where I am:
Since I am divorced and remarried, I really don't get to take the Eucharist under regular circumstances, so I don't feel it is productive for me to go to mass. I haven't attended in a few months now. I really hate going if I can't take the Eucharist. I mean, that is the whole point of the mass.
Though I know it is just procrastination: I keep putting off starting the annulment since I know it is a bureaucratic process. I am certain my previous marriage is invalid.

Without coming forward to establish otherwise, the Church must assume it was valid (as you know). There is some bureaucracy but no sensible alternative for the process to be thorough and valid.

This is really important and easy to get started. Just make an appointment with a priest to discuss your situation and get information. Then decide from there. Just do it!

@George Yes, I know I should. I guess I have been scared to be denied because, what then...? It would mean I am in an impossible situation...

I understand. Sometimes it is better not knowing.

Sometimes the not knowing is worse. I think this is one of those. Either way, it wouldn't hurt to speak with a priest. Make an appointment so he knows what it is about and will have enough time to chat. They have done this a zillion times and *want* to help.

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