I don't want to jinx it but I started praying the Rosary daily this year. Usually as I make my way through traffic. I must look strange to the other drivers, rapidly moving my lips with a 1000-mile stare. In reality, when we pray, we are just... thinking, but it is sometimes a chore, tiring. Maintaining that focus. I find myself questioning whether I said that last Hail Mary correctly and I go back and re-pray it. It feels like sewing, missing a stitch, and going back to reinforce.

@Gabriel I used to pray the Rosary every day during my morning commute. I usually forgot to do it on weekends, though, and I've been working from home since last August so I got out of the habit. I've been trying to get back into the daily Rosary habit this Lent, working it in at bedtime now, and I've had a moderate amount of success.

@Gabriel - it's not a matter of process, but what is in your heart.

@Kymberly - I usually don't make it very far praying at bed time. I wake-up early and feel more engaged praying then. You probably know this, but many believe if we fall asleep while praying the rosary that our guardian angel will complete it for us.


I'm more alert in the evenings and tend to have trouble falling asleep. Praying at that time helps me wind down.

@Kymberly When I was younger I was more of a night-person too. These days it seems like I konk almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.

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