It's been a while: I stopped praying the Rosary daily when this Covid hit. I was just so used to praying while driving to work, that now that I just stay home, I just don't find the time. I have a new born too, so between work at home, the 4 kids, and the worries about the world, I don't find quiet time for myself. I do pray it every now and then. I still don't know what to think about it though. Does it make a difference? Is it supposed to? or is it more like a personal meditation?

@Gabriel Covid has definitely messed with the routines we were comfortable with.

I have been very inconsistent on the Rosary and should do better. It reminds us of the God's love through the Incarnation like nothing else. What could be as important? Yet we (or at least me) are easily distracted which is what Satan wants.

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